My account was disable

I am Akshay Bhagade, i am real user of this account but my facebook account was disabled due to community guidelines but sir i am not violating any guidelines and never post any illegal activities for hurting any people's emotions.
Sir in month of March my facebook account got hacked by hacker and I don't know what hacker doing wrong with my account i think he violated community guidelines and then suddenly i am facing login issue such as received information and review your account. And now my account was disable.i am always follow the facebook community guidelines and i am not post any illegal activities post/photo who's hurting religious and people.
Sir i am using this account from last 8-9 years and i have important information and many contact in this account i much need this account.sir i dont know which email link with my facebook account but every time i am login with my personal mobile number (+918390717641)
Sir i am using this account long time please sir reopen my account, thank you.
Name - Akshay Bhagade
Date of birth - 12/11/1997
Login mobile no.- +918390717641

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 90.0.4430.210