Instagram account hacked.

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Tuesday November 16, 2021
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November 16, 2021
I didn’t realize I had two IG accounts until my DIL added me and I couldn’t find her. It’s under 2 different usernames and emails. I did find how to deactivate the older one but not delete it. In the meantime, I received a notice from support@instagram stating that someone logged in to that account from I believe Syria. I thought, Oh well, it is my account I dont use. Since then, that password has been changed now I have absolute no way to get in there as I checked last weekend only to find that account name does not exist anymore. So either one of two things happened. He/she is using my account into with a different username or IG shut them down. The only thing is I didn’t receive any further emails stating it was shut down bc of a hacker. I know I didnt have much on that account but am still very leery of the whole thing. Should I be worried or is there truly something I can do about it? Trying to get on all those settings on IG is confusing and lengthy. I did find a phone number for FB/IG but all it is is a recording stating there is no phone support.