Gta 4

Yuvi - Nov 22, 2021 at 10:36 AM
Hello, i have intelR core i5 3210m 2.50Ghz , 6gb ddr3 , amd hd radeon 7600m 2gb graphic card Os=win 10 , i have a problem , everything is fine ,but the fps and the response of game is very slow , i means when i press W ,.it respond late (after 1-2 seconds ) , and fps is also limited ,it is locked at 30fps , my gpu and cpu and even ram , is not in used properly ,they are just 40-50% in use , what to do now , i have a laptop in which win 7 is not installing , i have to keep win 10 , and additional i have used both , commandline and dsvoodooo ( apps for old games) but it is not working for me , what to do????????i want to play on 60 fps and full responsiveness ????????????can anyone help me

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 90.0.4430.210