Instagram has suspended my account, please Help


Dated 28/11/2021, I installed an app "followers tracker report" I logged in to that after that Instagram detected unusual login activity even I accepted via two-way authentication that it's me, despite Instagram logged me out, now I try to log in it goes to screen where you get security code in mobile I receive code but when I enter it says "an error occurs "Please wait a few minutes before you try again" and other " An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred" I have checked from my cousin's phone but can't find my account in search when I try to find my account it says "no user found", but my friends in their chat list can see my bio and followers/posts.
I have no idea what's happening, Do you guys have any sources or know about this how to get back an account from Instagram please help, even I submitted a request to recover, send them my picture with handwritten code they sent me in the mail. but there is no response from them.
I need my account back, Please help.

Thank you