Convert 2 disks from MBR to GMT that contain system and boot partition

Anonymous User - Dec 1, 2021 at 05:54 AM
Hello, I want to convert my SSD disk from MBR to GPT in order to activate UEFI mode and secure boot and install Windows 11. The problem is my system partition belongs in disk 0 and the boot partition belongs in disk 2 as shown in the image. If I try to convert disk 2 only from MBR to GMT I get a warning that the system won't boot afterwars because the system partition belongs to another disk.

I tried cloning the system partition and move it to disk 2 in order to have them in the same disk. However, disk 2 already has 4 primary partitions which is the limit and I can't create an extra allocated space to save the system partition in there. I also don't know what the 2 partitions with the * mark mean in disk 2 so I hesitate to delete them.

One other idea I had is to convert both disk 0 and disk 2 to GMT but I don't know if that will work and it's too risky for me if I don't know what I'm doing.

Can someone propose a solution for this problem? I really feel that I'm in a deadend here that's why I ask for your help!

Thank you very much!

System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 94.0