Match two sheets with another and highlight & create report

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I have sheet"In & Out Balance" contains data .every month I will insert three columns it should match column B,C,D together with sheets(purchase,sales) and search the values in columns arrived and sales which are existed under of the header MONTH with sheets(purchase,sales) into column E(QTY). so if there are the items (B,C,D) contains values are existed in sheets(purchase,sales) and just the values are missed in sheet "In & Out Balance" then should highlighted by red in sheets(purchase,sales) and if there are the items (B,C,D,E ) are existed in sheets(purchase,sales) but not existed in sheet "In & Out Balance" at all then should highlighted by blue
and create sheet SUMMARY and copy the highlighted data from sheets(purchase,sales) with make the sheets names as headers and put QTY under of them as in sheet summary shows.
note : as I said every month I insert three columns when match the value should see to last column contain arrived & sales into "In & Out Balance" with sheets(purchase,sales) in column E(QTY).
this is my file too see closely