How to add yahoo email to windows desktop yahoo account?

I want to add a new yahoo email to my existing windows 10 desktop yahoo account which currently displays 6 different email account inboxes. I get error
"This page isn't working right now, redirected you too many times., To fix this issue, try clearing your cookies., ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS"
I cleared cookies but get same error; retried on Chrome, FireFox, Edge, and Explorer with same error. I figured I could just have two tabs open in my browser - one with my six email addresses and one with the new email address, but when I sign into the new yahoo address the other tab changes to the new email address as well. However, on my android phone I was easily able to add the new yahoo email address to my Yahoo App and display my 7 emails in the APP. Can anyone help me out, please?