I can't sign in to Facebook anymore

Good day

I can't sign in to Facebook anymore. My e-mail address has been hacked.
I can't access it anymore.

At the same time, my Facebook account was hacked. Also there I had used this mail address so far.
Unfortunately, I no longer have the possibility to access my profile because the hacker has changed the e-mail address in the meantime.

Unfortunately, we did not have 2-factor authentication in FB and also no mobile phone number. Enenso I have not given any friends who can confirm that it is my profile.

The hacker or hackers changed the password and then the linked email address.
If I want to send a code to the e-mail address, I see that the new, hacked e-mail address is stored there, which does not belong to me.

We have tried all the alternatives listed on the help pages, I can no longer prove the identity of my profile.
If I want to regain control of my account via the usual Facebook tools, it always comes down to that I should provide a current email address (not possible, because changed by the hackers) or a current mobile phone number (does not work, because FB does not know it at all).

Comments are now posted that are not from me... very bad, because I can't inform anyone accordingly and people are already asking me what crap I'm posting.

Can you help me