Connection lost,ADSL problem

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Friday December 24, 2021
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December 24, 2021
I have a problem with my conection.My router working properly for a while,then suddenly connection lose,and sometimes it reconect in about minute,but a lot of times connection didn't back for a while,then l need to call my phone number or go to my home phone and pick up the phone,and connection go back instantly.I really don't know what's the problem,it's like something blocking signal for some reason.I tried to disconect phone and plug just router on the line,try to change the home phone(if possibly old one didn't work properly),try to change spliter for new one,try to change cables,but problem wasn't solved.All this started when l got adsl speed increase from 5/1 to 20/1(my operator decrease speed to 10/1 to see of problem be solved,but it's not.If anyone can help me I would be grateful :)

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 94.0.4606.71