Changing the stored telephone number without access to it

SB - Jan 11, 2022 at 04:54 PM

I am addressing a very important question to you!

I will shortly get a new mobile phone number and will no longer have access to the number linked to the account, any verification codes or similar that may have been sent!

Can I connect my new mobile number to my current profile without having to send the code to change to the old number?

I don't want to log out and later no longer be able to log in because the old number is still stored, to which I no longer have access. What happens to my account?  When changing the number, is a verification / relocation code sent to the old number because it is stored?

I would look forward to an answer to the technical procedure or otherwise a tip to if I could contac!!!

Thank you in advance for your efforts!

Kind regards
Sebastian Baur