Partition still not deleted after using cmd

Sean - Feb 4, 2022 at 01:50 AM
I'm trying to hard reset my pc using flashdrive BIOS, been doing this a lot without
any problem. But this time windows wont let me install on any drive during "windows setup: where do you want to install windows?" Selecting any drive has the error "Windows cant be installed on drive x partition x but i can still click next but when i install, it says "The installation was cancelled" in the middle of the installation. Figured out it's probably because of my driver. I watched tutorials on how to delete/clean my drivers. I tried to delete them and format them using the buttons provided but it wont fix it, i still cant make a new partition because nothing got deleted. I used cmd and it always says that it completed cleaning my driver, i even deleted an override and cleaned it but when i restart and come back to the windows setup, it's like nothing changed at all.

I have 3 partition on driver 0: partition 1 which is labeled System Reserved with 500mb total size and 467mb free type system. Partition 2 with 118.3gb total size and 87gb free space type Primary. Partition 3 with 509mb total size and 84mb free type OEM (reserved).

I cant access my pc because it's so laggy you cant even do anything much before it eventually goes to blue screen that's why im trying to boot it.

I dont know if it can still be fixed but i have a feeling my driver might be old/broken. Pls let me know what to do