Facebook locked. How to unlock my locked facebook account.

DegamaDhamechaSumitRavi - Feb 11, 2022 at 10:06 AM

My real name on document: Suhail Ahmad Din
My Facebook username: Degama Dhamecha Sumit Ravi
Email: ***@***
My facebook password: Xuhail8412@@
D.O.B: 27-10-1999
Phone no.: 9149794890
Dear Facebook team, My account is locked from few days and I can't recover my facebook account because I have different name in document. I will proved that my name is real name according to nationality ID card from India.Please help my dear lovely facebook community team.I attach national ID card from India with this mail. Thank you very much for your help. Please reopen and return my account. Please help me, my dear lovely facebook community team. This account is my really using account. I want my account for using. Thank you so much for your help .Please help me in recovering my facebook account or change my option for identity proof to get a code through email or phone number. You can verify my account through matching my facebook profile and my document photos.
Thanks dear Facebook team

System Configuration: Android / Firefox 97.0