How do you get a security check SMS if you deleted the phone

Tuckerdognc - Feb 13, 2022 at 12:53 PM
I see this person had this problem two years ago. I have/had done all these suggestions and nothing worked. This is exactly the rabbit hole I've been in for four days. It started with me being told I had done something against community standards. I then attempted to go down the "hacked" path. I followed FB's advice to remove my phone number. Now FB wants to send me a security alert verification to a phone number that no longer exists and it's greyed out. And there's no way to get them to send it to the email account. So, how do I even get to the part where I request to be reviewed in 26 nows now (each time I had clicked on the "send confirmation" before I removed the phone number as suggested, I assume that added another 24 hours. ) Because now I have a greyed out "confirm," no phone number associated and I"ve changed the password four times.