Restricting on instagram

guest - Feb 14, 2022 at 01:01 AM
Hello, so hope someone can help me i have a friend whom a week ago told me he was cutting back on online stuff that;s fine and we follow each other on instagram so all week it was going good id like his posts and if id comment hed like them then all of a sudden he has restricted me so i no longer can private message him if need be and or post comments on his posts but i can still like his posts wtf? BUT yet he communicates with me on another social media platform like nothing is wrong??? I commented about how i saw his dog pics and how great the dog is since hes super old and then i added that i cant comment tho and he saw the message but never replied or never had a chance too but yet we were video chatting like everything was ok how do i approach this with him?

System Configuration: Windows / Edge 98.0.1108.50