Don't Use Recorded Timings & Actions?

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Wednesday March 2, 2022
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March 2, 2022
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Does anybody know how to export a PowerPoint video with subtitles - PowerPoint 2019?

I created one slide and inserted my mp4 video which includes a voiceover audio. The video and slide length is 15:44 mins

I inserted the closed captions .vtt file to the slide and on play it displays great.

I proceeded to create the video
checked the Full HD 1920x1080
the   enable "Use Recorded Timings & Actions" is greyed out and it  leaves  only one option of "Don't Use Recorded Timings & Actions"
clicked on Preview & Timings - video plays with audio and cc
As the slide is 15:44 mins - I set the seconds spent on the slide to 15:44
Exported the video and when I click to play the video: it's lost all images, audio and cc and just shows up with a black screen
Any suggestions?

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 79.0.3945.116