Powerpoint Navigation menu in VBA (instead of hyperlinks)

tora1950 - Mar 11, 2022 at 02:33 AM
Hello all,
My ppt has almost 100 slides, whereby 5 slides usually belong to one topic ("to the same package"). Now I would like to insert a menu window right at the beginning, so that you can jump to the slides and also get info about the slides. But since there are too many different topics, I don't want to make a listing with hyperlinks, because then I would have 20 different lines with hyperlinks.
I would prefer to create a menu window with 2 columns. In the first column there is the info, on the right side there is a list from which you have to select something (only the first field "Category" should be a mandatory field) and a button with which you can jump to the desired slides. Here is what it should look like:

"Category:" "a list with 5 topics opens here".
"Subcategory:" "here opens another list, which depends on the input of the category". Example: If you select "A" for the category, a selection of 4 options opens for the subcategory. If you select "B" for the category, a list with 6 options opens, and so on.
"Variant:" "Here there should be 2 variants to choose from".

"Information:" "Depending on the selection from the 3 lists, information always appears here as text" Example: I select only category, a text appears. I select a category and subcategory, the text changes again immediately. So after each change above, the info should update. And so on. So I would like to always enter the slide number.
And at the bottom there would be a button "Click to jump to slide". So depending on the entries, the button in the background updates the slide number to which you can jump directly.

The 3 lists at the top should be linked depending on the selection. I would therefore like (even if I have to do it very often) to use If... then... functions, if possible. Unfortunately I don't know much about VBA and would be grateful for any help.

Attached is a picture of what it should look like.

I've already searched a lot of things, maybe I'm looking for the wrong terms and couldn't find anything so far, as most of them only work with hyperlinks.

Thank you very much in advance!