Cannot answer "accept" to teams meeting in yahoo mail

Ika - Mar 29, 2022 at 09:46 AM

I cannot answer "accept" to accept a teams meeting in my yahoo mail. Not in the yahoo mail app and not in the desktop. The "accept" and "decline" option in the teams invite in my yahoo mail is not showing. I tried to be "friend" with the yahoo calender but the yahoo mail and yahoo calender don't seem to syncronize regarding teams meeting invites from people.

In my teams meeting invite I don't have the possibility to accept the teams meeting.
Can ANYONE have an ide how I solve this? I don't wanna disturb the person that invited me to the meeting but I have to:

1) See the day of the meeting
2) See the time of the meeting
3) and if possible, answer "accept" to the meeting.

Please, if anyone have any ideas, let me know.
How do you other people do? Do you somehow connect google calender to yahoo mail and then the Teams meeting invitation "accept" or "decline" will show up in your yahoo mail?