Hotmail account hacked, locked... please help

TyTheFly777 Posts 1 Registration date Friday April 1, 2022 Status Member Last seen April 1, 2022 - Apr 1, 2022 at 03:58 PM
4 days ago I changed the password on my Hotmail account which is old as an owl (2003). When I reset the password, Microsoft sent me a text with a security code, I changed my password, wrote it down on paper and all was well. When I attempted to sign in again it said it was the wrong password. So I tried to reset it. This time, Microsoft asked me for to enter my last 4 digits on my phone number, which I did and it sent no security to code to reset. I did it again and nothing. It's as if it did not recognize my number anymore even though it said +1 ********79. So it has my phone number listed, and when I enter the last 4 digits, it still send me nothing. Instead of entering (an example) I entered my phone number, and it said (wrong phone number) I tried filling out a recovery form but to no avail. Microsoft tech support is terrible, in fact, it does not exist. Billions upon billions of dollars and they can't service their customers. Why won't it recognize my phone number anymore when it did at one point? My bank and apple still do. What is going on? Did I make an error on the password and didnt know it? If so, Microsoft would still send me a reset code. Why does it not identify my number? Is it hacked? If so what do I do now if Microsoft won't do jack shit to help?

can someone please help me?