So Samsung phone ads on TikTok need a license apparently??

Tikphones - Apr 28, 2022 at 11:45 PM
Really confused on this, and TikTok ad support happens to be near useless at providing an explanation.
Our small business mostly sells cell phones. But our latest ad got taken down with no explanation.
We asked for review, and they responded after 5 days or so:

"Our team has re-reviewed the ad group ********** and found that it violates our Prohibited Industry ad policy. We do not allow the sale of phones such as Samsung without licensing on the platform.

You can find more information on our Prohibited Products, Services and Industries Help Center article."

I checked out the article, it explained nothing. Not one mention of electronics or phones let alone Samsung specifically. Super frustrating. When I asked if iPhones and other Android phones need a license too, and information on how to obtain a license, they deferred to the useless article again and promptly closed the ticket.

I swear they wouldn't get a cent if their platform weren't so popular :(