Instragram Video - Frame Resizing

hdmoneyy - May 29, 2022 at 01:04 AM
Running into issues posting multiple 16:9 videos. When I click the Select Multiple option, it automatically crops all the videos - even though they're all the same size already, so it shouldn't matter. I've done this before, so I don't understand the issue or how to get around it. The frame resize button disappears when I click Select Multiple, so I don't have an option to try to undo the resize.

I thought I'd try on my desktop instead and the frame size works there, but instead, it won't let me upload videos shorter than 3 seconds - but it does on the app? I am so confused. There doesn't seem to be any consistency across platforms, and I am just confused why it won't work on the app like it has before.

System Configuration: Macintosh / Chrome 101.0.4951.64