I was blocked from my fb acct. Please help.

HDebTtt Posts 2 Registration date Monday May 30, 2022 Status Member Last seen June 3, 2022 - May 30, 2022 at 07:17 PM
Hello. FB locked me out of my acct. I was just trying too reset my password. Although I did put a heart on certain friends comment. I did recognize that. But I did not recognize the location. And I also did not recognize a Lehi log in. But on the first one it did say my type of phone. I did not know my phone type. But after I looked it up, I saw it was my phone type. So you had blocked me and it was me trying too recover my acct. I thought I got the questions right of what I had most recently said. I put what I last remembered saying. But it had been a week or so since I signed into that one. Can you please help me get back in? It is Sue D Tyler. Thanks. (Sue is my middle name. D is my first initial, and Tyler is my last name.). I just wrote it middle first. So I'd recognize my acct from the other one. But my name is Debra S. Tyler. You blocked me from retrieving my password on my own phone. Can you please help me get back in? :).