My wife's facebook account was hacked, reset code error

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Please help!

My wife's facebook page was hacked and we can't get back in. She has disappeared from my friend's list and when we search for her through another person's facebook page, she no longer is found.

The hackers added their email address to the account too.

When we go to reset the password to her email address, it comes through in arabic with the code, and when we enter the code we get:

"The number you entered doesn’t match your code. Please try again."

We can, of course, translate the email to english, but is just says "We have received a request to reset your Facebook password.
Enter the following password reset code:"

The code never matches

There are no direct contacts for Facebook to help with this, just a revolving door of the same old information that doesn't work. We have tried every tutorial and help forum on Facebook, but nothing works.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

System Configuration: Windows / Edge 103.0.1264.37