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July 14, 2022
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Hello there All , I am new to the forum and this is my 1st query :) I had a query about the 'views' section on the yahoo mail dashboard page. as I have shown in this image file [13-7-2022-22-53-39] ...with the pointing yellow arrow. I have two yahoo accounts. ( say 'x' & 'y') On account 'x' I see the 'views' section ( as I have shown with the pointing yellow arrow ) , on the other yahoo account ('y' ) I do Not see this at all. I want to see the 'views' section here what is preventing me from seeing this ? [ I matched the 'settings' from x & y , and they are more or less 1 on 1 ] why I want to see this 'Views' section specifically ? : There is a dedicated 'photos' section which on clicking shows all images in my entire-lifetime. [ just doing a 'photos' search on the searchbar is not enough, as not all images are shown. I have checked this ] so what setting is showing this 'Views' section specifically on account 'x' but not on account 'y' ? I wanted to contact yahoo , but they have no mail support(at least not for the free mail accounts) , and the advise was to contact their support via Telephone, which will be around 6 euros(approx) per month, till I cancel it again !:rolleyes: I hope someone can make me a bit wiser here :) Thanks in advance for any pointers.