Do celebs make anonymous profiles?

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Me and 2 other fans meet a celeb we liked recently at a convention.  Many people were in line to meet him for a specific character he played many years ago but the 3 of us were the only devoted fans that hung around.  He talked to us a lot and bought us drinks.    

Later one of the fans commented on his assistants post on Instagram (his profile is public but no mention of the celeb or his movies on his profile, only pics of locations he has been) just saying it was nice to meet you.  in the middle of the night she gets a follow request on Instagram from a profile that seemed new and used a play on words of first name of the other fan (a name not that common).  This celeb isn’t on social media.  He says he hates it (but one interview he did say he had fake profiles to follow girls he likes).    

At first the profile only had generic things it was following.  Ones that come up as soon as you create it.  A few days later the profile was following a movie he was currently working on and actors in it.  One with a pic of him.  Then those were deleted and a new ones added from another movie he was recently working on.  As well as many models (that’s all he dates) and a few of his friends who have pics of him.   Some people who he is associated with that aren’t associated with each other.  Some from the same town he lives in.  Also now following models that are in the same vacation area as him.  I wonder if this is him?   

It just seems too coincidental with the timing of the follow request and using a play on words of the fans name.  Combined with who the profile is following?  In the last few days he posted a few pics but they were random.  One of a street with trees.  I noticed several webcam bots following that then disappear.  I assume he deleted them.

The only other thing it could be is a person who knows what kind of women his likes and actors he worked with and people he is friends or associated with that aren’t associated with each other and know we are fans and sent a follow request right after we hung with him?  Our profiles are private.  No mention of us meeting him.  The profile recently sent a friends request to the other fan and she asked him if it’s him.  It shows it was read but no answer.

To sum it up, The profile has no mention of the celebrity.  It’s due to the timing of the request, the name, and what the profile follows.  I don’t think it’s a bot.