Issues with both Google drive Backup and Local Backup

RiftCygnus Posts 1 Registration date Tuesday July 26, 2022 Status Member Last seen July 26, 2022 - Jul 26, 2022 at 01:44 PM

Hey everyone. I'm trying to transfer my whatsapp account/messages from an old phone to my new phone, and i'm having issues.

Just to clarify, both phones are Android (old phone is a Moto G Power, new phone is a Google Pixel 5a), and I don't believe I took a backup before I transferred my phone number. I've only tried performing backups on my old phone after the service was transferred.

So given all this, i've tried to backup my messages/service both locally and to Google Drive (with the same Google Drive account of course). For some reason, i'm not seeing any new files in my Google Drive after the backup, and my new phone isn't recognizing any backups in my Drive.

I've also tried taking all WhatsApp related files on my old phones storage and transferring them to my new phone before installing the app again, in the same location as before. WhatsApp doesn't seem to recognize it.

So i'm assuming all this is going on because my backups were all taken after my phone number was transferred, but I want to make sure before I have to switch services back and forth. Is this the problem i'm having? It's the only issue I could gleam from the support instructions, but they won't give any confirmation

Does anybody have any input?