How to reatore chats from local backup

Guy - Aug 26, 2022 at 03:03 AM


I had to factory reset my phone.

I had one pretty old backup on Google drive (two weeks old) and whatsapp had troubles uploading new backups.

I tried multiple times and each time it was successfuly creating local backup and then struggling uploading it (reaching 50-60 percent then starting over).

After a couple of days I gave up. I read on the internet how to locate the local backup files ND copied them to my PC, hoping to later restore from them.

I reset my phone and as expected all chat history was gone.

I then installed whatsapp and copied the backup files back to whatsapp backup directory. But when I setup whatsapp it doesn't seem to recognise those files. It only sees the old backup in Google drive...

I also thought of manual uploading the backup files to Google drive, but whatsapp backups are nit kept there as regular files.

What can I do ? How can I restore my chats ?

I have a backup of the "database" and "backup" directories.

Thank you


Android / Chrome