Masking a hotspot location

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I am based in the UK but occasionally I need to work abroad using my company laptop and this involves logging onto their VPN.

The problem is that my company blocks attempts to log onto their VPN from outside the UK.

I have got around this by using my mobile as a hotspot and using the data allowance on my mobile.

I would prefer to use WiFi rather than my data allowance and I tried to connect my laptop to my phone via Bluetooth or USB while my phone was connected to WiFi and the SurfShark VPN and a UK server. But my laptop still wouldn't connect as it realised that the connection was foreign.

Is there a way of using my WiFi connected phone, or a portable router connected to WiFi, so that either of these sources can be masked so as to appear to be in the UK so my laptop can connect to them and can log onto my company's VPN?

This is all quite innocent, it's remote working not home working! ????

Android / Chrome