Why suspended my facebook account pls tell me

Harishshukla - Oct 6, 2022 at 01:43 PM

Hi, Harish

Thank you for your report. We'll review the information you provided and get back to you when we have an update on your report. In the meantime, you can review our Community Standards to learn more about what is and isn't allowed on Facebook: https://transparency.fb.com/fr-fr/policies/community-standards/?source=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fcommunitystandards%3Fref%3Dcr We appreciate your patience.


The Facebook Team

Hi Harish,

We've determined that you are ineligible to use Facebook. To learn more about Facebook's policies, please review the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities:

Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we can't provide additional information as to why your account was disabled. We appreciate your understanding, as this decision is final.


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