Magnavox 19md350b/f7 TV stuck in standby.

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!This is an update to an earlier question that I asked that had the wrong model number of the TV!

!I heard that the TV needs to be plugged into a 120V outlet (whatever that means) to work. that's the only new info I've found!

I had the Tv plugged into a extension cord plugged into the wall and it worked fine. I moved it to an extension cord (an APC branded one I believe) I had 7 - 8 things plugged into the APC at the time. 

I moved the Tv to another extension cord and it worked for like, 5 minutes before it goes into standby mode. 

At first, if I pressed the standby button, or the power button, it would flash the power light for half a second and then go back into standby.

I unplugged it then plugged it back in and now it does nothing when I press any buttons.

I think it's still getting some power, since the standby light's still on and the speakers pop a little bit.

The previous owner was a church and they left a mister rogers DVD in the DVD bay. I'm regretting taking it out.

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