One Router, one SSID, two wireless access points.

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New Linksys router provided with Xfinity (the white skyscraper-looking one) but I can provide a type/model if needed.  Everything works fine.  I have a few dead zones in the house and bought two Linksys wireless access points (LAPAC1200 & LAPAC1750)

The 1750 is ethernet-wired to a PoE port on my switch, it shows up, on its own interface page.  I was able to make my iphone a client on that WAP because it's on the SSID unique to that WAP.  Between the WiFi router and the 1750 WAP, everything's working.  I am trying to add a second WAP (the LAPAC1200) but when I enter the 1200 into in the 1750's interface page, it says "can't find the wireless access point."

Can one have two WAPs connected to one Xfinity router through two different PoE ports on my switch?  I want a home network with the Xfinity/Linksys router, and both access points all having the same SSID? 

Can this be done?

Thanks, all!