Is there a standalone app for Whatsapp Business on Windows?

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Is there a standalone app for Whatsapp Business on Windows 10 PC?

I already have WhatsApp personal for desktop running as an application on my PC and have recently set up a WhatsApp Business account using my business phone and want to also run it on my desktop alongside my personal WhatsApp app.
So far I have been running WhatsApp Business in my browser but every time I close the browser I have to re-sync the device when I launch the browser again.

Also, WhatsApp personal desktop icon sits in my system tray and displays the number of unread messages which is very handy and I want to enjoy the same feature with WhatsApp Business so that I can see if I have any unread messages without having to navigate to the browser and check.

So is there a standalomg desktop PC app for WhatsApp Business?