WhatsApp Privacy

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On my Android mobile phone, I have noticed a business contact of mine is using an app to monitor, track and log my Online and Last Seen statuses. As well as this, I think it is highly likely this contact is using this app to list dates and times the contacts we share are messaging each other.  Yes, for those unaware, there are many such Android apps, e.g. wTrack, WhatsDog, WaStat, available that can do this even when you have disabled Online and Last Seen with WhatsApp, which I have done.  I cannot block this person for the time being, much as I would like to, for reasons I cannot go into on here. 

Does anyone know if I can block these apps from having access to my WhatsApp Online and Last Seen statues or suggest a messaging app that does not have these gaping security holes for app developers to, seemingly, easily exploit?


Windows / Edge 108.0.1462.54