Issues with Instagram Audio selection

MidKnightForge - Jan 10, 2023 at 07:47 AM

Hi - having trouble adding some audio to reels. With the little slider thing to select the portion of the audio you want - sometimes it has the two pink dots and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesnt have the pink dots it just has the rectangle box with the little hash marks and nothing else and I can’t add the audio. The slider is basically useless in this situation - you can’t select anything and the Done button is greyed out so you can’t click it. But for the same audio if I find the post that I got the audio from and select the audio at the bottom I can then hit Use Audio and it adds it to my reel without a problem - but trying to find post with the audio I want is extremely annoying. So basically I can add my video to audio already selected but not add audio to an already selected video when the slider looks different. Hope that makes sense. What am I doing wrong?

iPhone / Safari 16.2