Which statement is true regarding distance vector protocols?

KalcinV - Jan 28, 2023 at 07:52 AM

I've been studying for an exam and decided to answer some mock tests online, and stumbled over this question:

"Which statement is true regarding distance vector protocols?" with the choices as follows:

a. They scale well 
b. Routing Updates are multicast 
c. EIGRP can do equal balance
d. Hop Count is used for path selection

I've read over my learning modules numerous times and have done some reading online and cant find any clear answer to this 

A isn't true because only EIGRP does and RIP doesn't due to the 15 hop count limit
B isn't true because RIPv2 & EIGRP are multicast, however RIPv1 advertises only through Broadcast
C might not be true because EIGRP does equal balance by default and also supports unequal balance, but it only focuses on EIGRP and not on Distance Vector protocols as a whole
D isn't true because only RIP uses hop count. EIGRP maintains a hop count, however doesn't use it for path selection.

I woud really like to hear your say on this