My pc restarts 3 times then i get 3 beeps

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hello everyone , i had a problem with my pc 2 days ago ,in these 2 days i tried many methods to fix it but with no luck

it happened after shutting my pc and plugged out my vga card which is rx 470 to re add thermal paste ,after doing it , i put back the vga card and then the pc kept starts on then restart after 2 seconds it did this 3 times then 3 short slow beeps

and a red light which is on the board which is asrock h87 fatality ,the board has 2 bios 1 and 2 with a jumper to a recover 

anyway ,i tried 1st thing to plug out the vga card again and try without out but ive got the same 3 beeps and restarts

tried the rams ,i have 3 rams which were working great a second before plugging out the vga card ,but i pulled them all and cleaned them and tried one by one with no luck same beeps and restarts ,i tried the bios 2 but i have got the same thing with the red light too ,tried to clear the cmos with no luck too ,got another cmos battery still same ,l did try another powersupply which did not work too , then last thing is to reseat the cpu and clean the pins ,it was good with no bent pint and put it back ,but still the same , i tried the built in vga card 

hope if someone can help me with that ,thank you for your time