Annoying: whatsapp desktop marks taken calls as missed calls

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Since last update i have a problem with whatsapp desktop. when i get an whatsapp call, both ring: my phone AND whatsapp desktop. I can only pickup one of the 2 devices.  It is my phone. So whatsapp desktop says: missed call.
When i look at the chats, if i had 20 calls during the day, I have in whatsapp desktop 20 times "Missed call". If course i cannot remember which one of them was a real missed call, and which one i had picked up on my phone. So my friends and customers think i am crazy, returning their calls. They tell me: we have already spoken today... its really annoying.

This is happening since last update in march... I contacted whats app help, it seems its a sort of chatbot, because they told me to clear my browser cache... i told them that it was visibly a new bug.. so they told me they do not support old software anymore, and that i should switch to the new whatsapp.

My solution, i found a website still offering a direct download of the old whatsappSetup_x64.exe file. i installed it and.. hurray: all wrong "Missed call" messages are gone! only the real missed call messages prevail. But every time i start it, it will tell me there is a new version and that i should update. I hope i can continue to use the old version.
My question: is there another solution?
It seems that the linked devices all think the call has been missed even if i picked it up on another device. This is really annoying.. even more annoying is that i dont know how to explain the problem to whatsapp. They seem not to understand it.

Am I the only one? is it a feature that I dont understand? any help would be appreciated.


Windows / Firefox 111.0