Changing Phone Number on Whatsapp

waqas - Apr 16, 2023 at 10:17 PM

Hello! I need some help, may be anyone can advise me

I used to live in my home country and I had whatsapp installed on my number home country number, then I moved to Canada permanently. I obtained a Canadian Sim Card. I changed my home country number to Canada number. Then I was logged out of my whatsapp on Canada number automatically.

I uninstalled whatsapp from my both phones (Canada one and Home one). Then I tried to install whatsapp on my Canadian number but it said, I will get registration code on my home country number. Then it gave me option to get code through sms instead. I selected that.

But I am not getting code on my Canada number, I dont have access to my home country number any more. However, i can request someone in my home country to put that simcard in any cellphone.

Whenever, I request for code on my Canada number, i neither get an sms nor any call and the time to request registration code move forward. First it showed 2 hours now it says 48 hours. and if this continues then either the account may be blocked or the time to request new code will keep moving forward. I seriously need some help.

What wrong have I done and what should I do? I contacted Whatsapp customer support but got the same automated chatbot reply, which is of no use. Anyone.....please.

Macintosh / Chrome