How to Change Auto-Forward Destination in Yahoo Mail

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I have had my AT&T/Yahoo email forwarded to another address for many years (probably more than 10).  It still works, but I don't see any way to change the address to which the email is forwarded (the "destination").  There's no "forwarding" setting in Yahoo Mail Settings.  Once in a long while, a box pops up in webmail that informs me that my email is forwarded, but I don't know if that popup allows me to change the address, and I don't know how to make that popup appear.  

I know that auto-forwarding went away a few years ago for AT&T/Yahoo email accounts (2016?), so I assume that my account is "grandfathered in" since it was doing auto-forwarding at the time of the change.  Knowing this is probably important in figuring out how to access the setting.

Bottom Line: How do I change the destination email address in an existing AT&T/Yahoo account that has been auto-forwarding for years?

Windows / Chrome