Lost Access to Facebook Account after Changing Phone Number

randidole - Apr 20, 2023 at 05:57 AM


I recently changed my phone number after activating two-factor authentication on Facebook. The problem is that now I no longer have access to this essential number to log in.

Do you know a way to prove my identity without using this old number?

I can:

  • Submit my identification documents (but I don't know where)
  • Call someone and provide information specific to the use of my Facebook account

I cannot:

  • Log in with my Google account. For some reason I don't know, the connection does not work. After validating my Google account, I am redirected to the Facebook login page.
  • Use another device to log in (I was only connected in one place).
  • Use recovery codes (I don't have any).
  • I have a business for which I spend €20 per day on Facebook, and I can no longer modify my campaigns or access my invoices to do my accounting.

Has anyone successfully resolved a situation like this?

Thank you in advance and have a great day.
Windows / Chrome