Yehoo mail help

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I have several yahoo mail accounts that are giving me grief.  when I login, more often than not the little circle spins and spins and refuses to let me in. I evenaully get the message "we can't log you in, try later."  Sometimes, if I X out and come in again, the mail page opens, but often I can try this a dozen times and I am essentially locked out of email.  Sometimes it works when I try the first time, but then the rest of the emails cannot be accesssed.  Yahoo "help" says to clear the cache and the cookies, which I do all the time anyway, and this is no help.

This is in firefox--when I use the built-in default, miscrosoft edge, I can open the mail function but it refuses to recognize my passwords. 

I really need emails to supplement my income, and this is an extraordinarily frustration.  Is it a Yahoo problem?  A firefox problem?  Is it conceivable I have a virus? (tho I use a computer cleaning product monthly). 

Any help from someone a lot younger and smarter than me would be appreciated!  Thanx!!!!