Endless options Case

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Endless options and variables - My community is looking to establish a Wireless ISP to provide broadband internet access. Our community is semi-rural with a population of 11,000 approximately.

I need guidance, I've been browsing the forums and it seems many of you have experience and knowledge in this field. I have some questions I'm hoping you all can help me with...

Some info,

- We have a backbone connection secured.

- We have some financial backing (Not endless, but some)

- We're looking to start with our downtown core and possibly spread to more residential areas from there.

- We don't have any buildings taller then 3-4 stories

- Our downtown core would consist of approximately 5 city blocks

It seems that Mesh networks are a great low-cost and effective method for setting up a wireless network.

a) I've been browsing several sites can anyone detail some of the differences between say Open-Mesh hardware, Ubiquity hardware, and Tropos? Can what I described above be done with strictly Ubiquity equipment?

b) Can anyone even give me an estimate on the range? I saw one post where someone stated that a rooftop NanoStation can give you a little under a mile of range, is this true? Is NanoStation ideal, what about PowerStation.

c) We do want a captive portal for billing etc. I've looked at the rxg from rgnets.com anyone has any experience with it? What do one of those scukers go for? Are there good options?

d) Is Anyone out there doing something similar with a Mesh network, effectively?

e) Do I have to buy third party antennas to extend my range, if so, what are some good options? I see so many different options it gets confusing Omni, Panel 7 dbi 24 dbi etc.

Remember We do want to keep a low TCO, which is why Ubiquity and Open-Mesh are appealing to us vs. some of the higher end Tropos, Nortel stuff. Is the high end product worth the cost in comparison?

Any insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated.