Double codition formula based on drop down selection

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Hi All,

I have an excel file with sheet names : Primary Data sheet, Ground floor, First Floor and readings. I need this file to capture printer usage details.

I have given floor id as 3363 for Ground floor and 3975 for first floor. see the cell A1 n both Ground floor and first floor sheets.

If I put floor id number in primary data sheet of A10 , the DP ID will be automatically synchronize/connect with the sheet only based on floor id to capture color and B/W  

Lets say, if i put floor id 3363 in A10 in Jan-24 and DP ID in Jan-24 , color and b/w values are copied in ground floor of Jan-24 DP ID. if i change floor id 3975, automatically the DP ID , color and b/w values will be copied to first floor of Jan-24.

I want to capture the color and B/w printer usage details of different users(DP ID) of two printers(ground floor printer and first floor printer) for every month in the entire year in a single sheet .. 

Reference link to download sample file: