Partial Cell Match of Company Names in Excel [Solved/Closed]

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I was wondering if anyone knows how to match similar but not identical cells in excel without specifying the exact match string. For example what formula would match the first word in one cell with the first word in another cell, or say the first 5 characters.

For example, matching the cell "ABC Learning Centres" with "ABC Learning Cents. Ltd" which would be then dragged down for 4000+ companies.

I want it to return a confirmation saying "match" or "true" or something similar so that I know the two columns are reliably matched. I will subsequently use this to match two data bases so I want the match to be as reliable as possible.

Thanks very much for any assistance

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If your value is in column A & B starting from Row 2 then try this formula by writing in B2

=MATCH("*"&LEFT(A2,5)&"*",B2:B29,0) now drag it down.

It will pick first 5 char from cell A2 then compare to column B and if found in column B anywhere then will return its number which you can be placed with if condition.

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I've used this successfully for a few columns, but in other columns it will compare column A against several other columns that I did not designate in the formula. Any ideas why it might do this?
it is working
I have two lists of personnel names, a master list in A2:A2651 and a growing list in B2:B?. I need to find names in the growing B list that are also in the master A list. Using "Help" I made an array formula for exact matches that works: {=IF(OR(EXACT(B2, $A$2:$A$2651)),"EXACT MATCH","")}

Now, I've realized, on some occasions, on either list, the middle initial is included. Of course, these matches are overlooked by the exact match formula. So, I am making a partial match formula, but it won't quite work, yet. Here's what I'm trying.


Any solutions would be much appreciated.
Thanks very much for your help that works great!!

I'm trying to do something similar.....match Legal company names with company names used by the GL; Often one will say "Corp." and the other will say "Corporation," so my v-lookup comes back #N/A. When you used the match formula, a number is returned.....what does that number represent? I've tried to use the match formula suggested, and it returns a number, but I have no idea what the number represents!

The number represents the cell the value is in, if the value is #n/a then it means that it has not been located in the list
use indirect formula, that works well with the match formula
i think u should use conditional formatting.

Format-> Conditional Formatting

Select to Growing List(B2:B?)

Formula is -> =countif(MasterList,B2) and format any way you want.