Black screen after windows xp install [Solved/Closed]

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I just loaded a XP pro on my desktop and it seems to load ok but only to a black screen. I've removed everything except the the video card (not part of mother board) and rebooted but always to a black screen. I've rebooted and tried hitting the enter button 5 times for a "searching for new hardware" just in case that might work. Will changing montors or video cards help. This is a fresh install so nothing on the hard drive is needed. Pls hlp

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I had the same problem a few days ago. I installed Xp Pro and As it I saw the Windows start and the Screen goes black and Nothing. I played around with an rebooted and Press F8 before windows logged on. I first tried safe mode and the desktop load and task bar. But that still did not solve my problem. Rebooted, and hope for the best. I still got the black screen. This time after I rebooted I press F8 again this time instead of choosing safe mode; I chose enable vga mode, and windows loaded normal except at a 8bit resolution when I tried changing resolution the computer froze.

How I fixed was I went to control Panel/system/hardware and when to display, there I found my video card and another vga driver when I disabled the generic vga driver. I rebooted my video Card took over and Black Screen Went away. I hope this help.
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great reccomendation, it worked great.
thanks for the info... that appeared to be the problem with mine as well.
thanks as wel, it was alot of help with my problem
excelent solution, txs so much-

Thanks a lot man ;*