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 Rod -
PLEASE HELP!!!! (i working from my spare computer as my main one has a problem with the keyboard) i dont know how it happened?? (i have two little boys who like to play with important stuff so i can only assume they have messed around!!!) anyway when i type only a few letters work like fg and k and sometimes e but when i push anything else it opens shortcuts i have turned the computer off that didnt work i have also tried 3 different keyboards still nothing then i tried unistalling and still wont work. i then tried the on screen keyboard and it was working untill i tried to fix the normal keyboard by pushing keyboard commands i found online and i ve managed to brake it!!!???
please can anyone help???? (i even called hp support and they said it would cost £17 to talk to a technical agent!!!) that takes the p@*&

thanks in advannce :-)

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Hi jemma,

Since the kids played and made all settings unusual ,you can make a system restore to few days back and get it as before in good working condition,to make system restore press on start>programs>accessories,press on system tools and open system restore.Now select the date you wish to restore it to.Link below from Faq will be useful to you:

Thank you

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this feedback worked perfect for me... I had tried everything else suggested.. holding down keys etc - but to no avail. Restoring old settings worked on the first attempt. Thanks so much.