Computer powers on, but does not boot [Solved/Closed]

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I've had my desktop computer for about one year now. It is an Acer Aspire E380. On Saturday afternoon, it was going a bit slow so I decided to restart it. However, once it turned off, it will no longer turn on and boot up.

The power button usually lights up, but now it does not. But, the decorative words "Aspire" at the bottom of the tower still lights up. The DVD drive still opens, and a few lights blink on start up as usual.

The screen is blank. All of the fans seem to go, except for one. It is the one in the center of the computer on top of a group of metal prongs. It spins upon power up but stops. The power supply fan runs, the other fan runs too.

I have made sure everything is plugged in, and tried plugging it into different outlets. I can't boot from a CD, the keyboard doesn't turn on and neither does the mouse.

As far as starting up goes, everything sounds normal. No beeps or clicks to hint at harddrive failure. Sometimes when I try to start it up nothing comes on but the center fan on the metal prongs (the one that would run for only a few seconds) goes on full blast until I turn it off.

If everything seems to be going, what is stopping it from booting up?

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sir, I have also this problem if u have solved plz reply me
power on mother board not working but remove the ram then power on of the mother board is beeping and ram connected the mother board is beep is stop .memory is ok pls my foult find.
the power is on, the processor is also on and the system keeps on giving me system memory error
1. The processor of his computer has been damaged due to electric on/off as abnormal way. He should check first the same.

2. It may be possible that there is any trouble on "Mother board" not big to beep like ram or other Hardware we connect wrong.

Rest is O.k as he explained.
Here's my guess, if it's not too late (April 3) -- If the fan atop the "metal prongs" is your CPU fan, then your CPU has probably overheated or your motherboard simply detected that the CPU cooling fan isn't working properly. Before doing anything else, I would try replacing that fan -- assuming it's a CPU fan. But you must learn what CPU you have installed in that computer and then get the appropriate fan/cooling unit -- so it will be the right size and have the ability to provide adequate cooling. If the new fan works, but nothing else does, your CPU might need replacing....
i have a problem where my computer turns on for a second then turns off. however when I turn it off at the power point then try to turn it on it works fine. I then try to restart and the same problem. turn off all power then it fine. plz help
pls help me, my computer can not boot but everything is working fine, it is deskstop computer,p4 with xp 2008, I installed video capture card on and it asked me to increase resolution, as I did so it showed black screen and fail to boot again, I went to setup and adjusted the plug and play vga setting from 1gb to 512mb and change the next option or tab from "yes" to "no" the computer can no long go setup, nothing is seen except the black screen. pls help I am in serious need of help.
okk listen im asking how do u make my computer light cos itz dark
hi there,

the fan on the top of the metal grid is the CPU cooling fan, when this stops working, the computer will not start. The reason for this is for safety and to stop the computer overheating. The first thing I would do is to take it to a professional, if that is a bit to much money, replace the fan yourself, there should be some instructions on the internet :)
need to transfer data from old computer to new one tower does not turn on I have removed hard drive now what do I do. I have an external hard drive to put the data on.
Im having the same problem to it will boot up windows but it will only be in 640 by 800 im going to try to update the acer driver then see if this fixes it.
yes I had this problem last year july 2009. I constanly switch off and on then it comes back on,have replaced power supply,and cpu many times but it comes on when it likes,I belive it is the cpu faulty which triggers the fan to come on. I have had to leave my computer on stand by because if I shut down ,not sure it will come back on or it could be a programme which come on created by computer manafactures to sell more computers. my computer,Have also comtemplated that the room was to cold and damp for pc to run and it developed faults.when I moved it to a different room it started to work again,this continues to happen.
replace the cpu fan

today I just got my computer back from a guy who fixed it.It had the same peoblem.It is the "motherboard chip" it could be fried.Thats what was wronge with mine.I know what it feel like.Just remove the old motherboard and replace,Though some cost from 65.00 to hundreds,Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a new computer.Tbh you'll have to ask a professionealy im a 13 yr old boy :)
DJ AKSHAY, here is my situation:

- I have Asus p5n32 Deluxe (wifi) with the PhoenixAward bios.
- I removed all RAM, PCI cards, and video card.
- If I boot up the computer without CPU fan, the cpu warms up.
- I then put a POST card in the PCI slot for testing.
- Without any components, I get 1 long beep and 2 short beeps (repeating) and a halt code of Fb on the POST card.
- If I insert any of my spare video cards and boot, same thing (1 long, 2 short, and Fb on the POST card).
- If I insert 1, 2, 3 or 4 stick(s) of RAM into any of the slots, I get no beeps but a halt code of 1d.
- I have also tried adding multiple video cards. The result is the same (Fb if RAM is not installed, 1d if RAM is installed)
- When this computer was running (about 2-3 years of 24 hours/day), CoreTemp listed the operating temp at 70+ Celsius.

Based on these factors, do you think that the processor (even though it heats up on boot) is the culprit? Or would you suspect the motherboard? I can't imagine that all 4 sticks of RAM are bad (and I tested many different combinations of the 4 sticks).

Thank you so much for your guidance!
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Hi, I would advise you to reset the BIOS settings through the help of the Reset Jumper or by disconnecting the power cord and removing the CMOS Battery then press Power Button 2-3 times, then re-insert the battery and plug back the power cord. Insert 1 good memory card and 1 good graphics card and then see what it gives as result then inform me back...

Thank you for your reply, DJ!

I pulled the CMOS battery, pressed the power button a few times, reinserted the battery and then added a single stick of RAM and a video card. Same as before: no boot and POST code was "1d".

Any other suggestions?
i took off my hard drive from my dell computer and connected it to another compaq computer to install windows server 2003 but when I returned it to the dell machine,it does not boot.Main while it boots well in the compaq machine.
Can anyone help?

My Computer can not boot, ram working, processor working,

This is low voltage problem.. check it N shoot this prob.

Follow these step

1. Check power supply
2. Supply SMPS 2 Mother Board.
3. Supply processor fan /Mother Board