Black screen appears after logging in [Solved/Closed]

 Santosh -

I don't know how to explain this as English is my second language but i'll try my best. Okay, this happened after i did several things to my comp. Oh yeah, my comp is running a Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 and is a Dell Dimension E520.

First of all, there was this potential virus called wscript.exe that i wanted to get rid of cause it was causing my wallpaper to disappear almost every time i stared my comp. So, i followed several sites advice and deleted some registry entries and also ran a Tread Micro programme that said it detected the virus and told me to reboot to delete it. Which i didn't do so until i've done the thing below..

Second of all, there was this problem with my local drives cause whenever i right clicked it, it shows the autoplay option on top and not the open option. That was weird, so i also followed a sites advice to delete a registry entry something called mountainpoint2from every registry i could find and that seem to work perfectly.:D

Anyway, i don't know whether that all the things i did above could have any effect on what my problem is now:
- After i ran the Tread Micro programme last and i ask me to reboot, i did as ask and it rebooted fine but after the windows logo appears as usual, there's this window that never appears before to ask me of my password (which i don't have any..) so i just clicked OK, and i goes in shows me a blank page (that blank page is usually was appears behind my wallpaper..) and logs me right back out and shows me that window log-in thingy again..

- It didn't even let my have a chance of trying Crl-Alt-Del or anything..
- I've also tried the Safe mode but still the same thing appears.
- It does show me the screen saver if i let it there long enough.

Please help me, i don't know what to do anymore..i do hope that i don't have to reformat the whole thing cause there are a lot of stuff in there...Thanks!!


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Hello frnd, XP-SP3 ek achha OS nahi hai kisi bhi system ke liye.Kyuki ye hai to XP-SP2 ka vrsion lekin XP-SP3 me sirf kutch theme or tweaks add kar diya gaya hai. jab ham ese load karte hai tab, hame na to koi seriel no dena padta hai our na hi administrative setting karna padata hai.Atchha hoga aap (Windows->XPS-P2,XP-Ultimate) OS ka use kare.
Phi bhi Solution hai =(go to the run->type msconfig->General-> set the Diognostic startup). 2=go to the run->type msconfig-> Change in BOOT.INI->Click on /NOGUIBOOT then ok) Restart the window .
Thank you

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how are ya? are u solve this problem?
Yup! My problem is solved cause i also posted my problem in a forum and someone helped me with it!!

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