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I have a Dell dimension 2400 series running Microsoft Windows XP Pro. Started the computer and it came up with a low resolution every thing was very big as if I had started the system in safe mode, but didn't. Went in changed the resolution, restarted, and now get nothing but a black screen. I have gotten as far as the Dell screen and as far as the Microsoft Windows XP screen, with the F2 and F12 option. I can take the F2 to run the setup utility, that still doesn't change anything, and when the F12 option is pressed I just get a beep.
I have tried reinstalling the CD for Windows XP that's no help, I have tried taking the battery out of the motherboard and reinstalling, it seems as though the BIOS were 1.10 and now the BIOS are A05. But removing the battery and reinstalling did not help either, I'm thinking it may have changed the BIOS though!
I am using the same monitor the system origanally came with, so that has not changed, is there a fix for this problem? If any one has any suggestions or maybe an idea on how to fix this problem, please help it would be greatly appreciated. I have gotten into the F8 option and tried starting in safe mode, but that dosen't work either.

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Yeah, the BIOS did change I believe they were 1.10 now the BIOS are A05. From what I have read for this machine running this Window A05 is the correct BIOS.
I feel like I've done everything I can think of to get this thing up and running except change the battery, which is what I'm going to do next.
When the system comes up, I can take option F2 to get to the setup utility, when I do that it's not showing a hard drive in the primary but in the secondary, does that tell you anything that may help?
If the new battery doesn't work, the only other things I can think of is either the RAM or the motherboard, but that doesn't make any sense either due to the system getting all the way to the Windows XP screen?
Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!
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Yes, this has worked for me also.. Thanks a bunch!
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This was the problem when my Dell 4550 acted up the same way (for noapparent reason). Thanks for the fix.
> RudeJoe
I love you mannn, I was shitting myself because I thought I had to reinstall windows 7 but you saved my life, I'd click that tick 9999 times if I could
Thanks worked awesome I thought I broke my pc
Thx a ton,my problem finally solved :)
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You have to start the computer in safe mode and then download the proper driver for your video chip. Chances are, it is an intel graphics onboard chip. In my experiences, the black screen only came from setting the resolution too high for my monitor to handle.
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hey there,

if the bios didnt change then I would recommend that you go in the bios itself and then just load optimal defaults from there it will reset the bios to factory settings
Mohit: Hey try this one.. this might work for ur dell nb as this has wroked with few dell Nb and the issue has been fixed.