Screen goes black after window loading [Closed]

 candy cane -
i m desktop user, preciously using LG flat monitor, one day it goes black suddenly, i just dun know why,i though it was spoiled or wat, then i buy a new one samsung monitor to change, it work n function well. however, today i just make a try for the LG monitor, suprisingly it work again, but when i change back to samsung monitor, it appear same previous problem, the screen goes black again, BIOS running, window does loading, after loading window about 10sec, screen goes black !! actually the monitor doesnt spoil !!

i m very hope anyone expert can save me this time, i dun wan spent unworthy money on it again, it make me emo...
pls help me....thanks a lot

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thats totally weird thats wat mine kinda does? try pressing the space bar does it write white letters on yours okay so

1:turn on your watever desktop or laptop
2:press the space bar several times
3:then it shows white letters sayin to reboot
4:you click it and it stays black
are we having the same problem does yours turn on at all ... like to where your icons and start button ect. shows? mine doesnt if you find a solution hit me up pleaz
yea with todays economy id hate to have to ask a professional repairer i got it done once for my desktop but i dont gots mulah soooooooooooo hopefully we can get someone although the list of needed help is depressing!!!!! isnt any one out there HELLO

good luck