Reviews about Microsoft Messenger for Mac [Closed]

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Saturday September 13, 2008
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May 11, 2009
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yes it is good
Why does it just let me login in Personal Contact List but not Corporate Contact List????
i cannot use webcam or video call while i'm chatting???
how i can find the new one???
how do you download msn with webcam and video call then?
witch one do you download?
> aarafin
Not unstable. Total rubbish. Crashes ever few minutes. And video calling, they pick up but it keeps ringing
its very nice but i cant my partner pic and no web cam but we can talk t
how to start the web cams here ???
> 4m
no cam on msn/mac
> mikeinbelgium
well thats boring
i wanted to have cams for msn
This is very nice, but I got the same problem that Kayleigh haves.. Can't load a pic on msn, either can see my contacs pics.
Im having problems changing my display picture and cannot view other peoples its just the msn icon. any solutions?
snap i can not even download it any help lads?
This MSN for Mac is disgusting. You cannot change your display name, unless you change it every time you log in. You cannot use your web cam. You cannot have moving pictures for your display name. I am so disgusted with this so called "MSN". I am actually thinking about going back to my old laptop.
> MacMSNSucks
I totally agree !!!!
how can i make my webcam work on msn on my macbook?
how can i make my webcom work on msn on my macbook
Når man er på messenger kan man så se hinanden over webcam?

When you are on messenger so you can see each other over webcam?
Fot the first couple of times its okay, than you constantly have to refresh your name and contacts, they just dissapear!
but where is vedio??
It's just perfect
i am just guessing, i havent used it yet, but i just git this Mac yesterday!
Just got my mac and dont know how to use it, but just downloaded this msn, and the only problem im having with it, is changing the display pictures.... anyone having this problem?
> Hayxh
yahh u just keep on insisting it will change ...its a default prob..from the msn.mac it took me 1 day .out of no were the pic was there...dont block and unblock on this will have to keep on clicking yes to the same person..its a crazy camera ahhhh anoying!
i downloaded this last night and after about 20 minutes I deleted the whole thing! i find aMsn the better choice in terms of layout and usability - my two cents worth. :)

Main Points Quality of MSN
Weak Infos Themes

Main Points i like this
Weak Infos i love this

Main Points it is a real messanger
Weak Infos no video calls

Main Points Emotions and is very fast
Weak Infos names in colour and auto messages

Main Points None.
Weak Infos Constantly freezing up and having to be force quit, and quitting for no reason in the middle of a conversation. Absolute trash, but it's unfortunately what your friends probably use.
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Saturday September 13, 2008
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May 11, 2009
Main Points great layouts !